Lydia Critchlow BSc (Hons) MSc
McTimoney Animal Therapist
Tel: 07841 828301

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What to expect at your horses first treatment...

Try to arrange a treatment around your competition schedule. Do not arrange a treatment before an event you are intending to go to.

A full history will be taken – I will ask you lots of questions, talk about your horse and want you to be honest about their lifestyles. You will be asked to sign a consent form stating that you have gained veterinary approval for treatment.

I will want to see your horse move in a straight line away from me, in circles and moving backwards. This is a dynamic assessment. I’ll be looking at the back movement, placement of each limb, length of stride and also head and tail carriage.

Next is the ‘hands on’. An assessment of the musculoskeletal system then follows, focusing on the spine, pelvis, poll and other relevant joints. The treatment is relatively gentle and aims to restore and maintain health, soundness and performance. The McTimoney treatment involves specifically directed, high speed adjustments done just by my hands. These look like a series of flicks and fast movements that horses readily accept and are OK with. I will pay special attention to the spine and pelvis but I also do any soft tissue work that is needed.

After the treatment I will give you aftercare and exercises to do with your horse. This will definitely include at least a days rest after treatment and a period of ‘quiet’ time. Healing is a process, not an event, therefore it is very important to follow the aftercare advice that is given in order to allow the treatment to work as effectively as possible.

Before any treatment takes place you need to consult your veterinary surgeon as it is illegal for a non-veterinary practitioner to treat an animal without approval. Most veterinary surgeons will happily give their permission.
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Lydia Critchlow BSc (Hons) MSc, McTimoney Animal Therapist based in Sandbach and practising throughout Cheshire and Staffordshire.
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