Lydia Critchlow BSc (Hons) MSc
McTimoney Animal Therapist
Tel: 07841 828301

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McTimoney for dogs - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does treatment take and how much is it?
For an initial consultation and treatment it is best to allow 45 minutes to an hour. Usually 30 minutes for follow up treatments. Treatment is £16 for dogs.

How many treatments will my dog need?
This depends on the severity of the problem; usually two treatments spaced a week to 14 days apart. I recommend that owners witness the benefit of the treatment, and then report back after one week. A further visit can then be arranged if required.

Does my dog need to see a vet before it can be treated?
Veterinary permission is required by law for anyone to treat your animal.
A vet will not normally need to see your animal before treatment, but you must contact your vet to ensure they are happy for the animal to receive McTimoney and massage treatment. The vet referral form can be found

How soon can my dog return to normal activity after treatment?
Healing is a process, not an event and will take time. Dogs need time after treatment for their musculoskeletal system to settle and adapt. This will usually take 24 – 48 hours and I recommend keeping dogs calm and quiet for at least the following day. Normal activity can then be re-established slowly and each dog will be given individual aftercare advice.

Is it recommended that dogs have MOT/Check Ups even if there does not seem to be a problem?
MOT's are highly recommended. Competition dogs usually have a check up at the end and beginning of the competition season. It is better to have a check up in the ‘quieter’ times of competition to allow the dog enough time to rest after treatment.

Can puppies be treated?
The first time I see a puppy I will just get them used to being handled and into the routine of a McTimoney Treatment. I do this free of charge as I feel it is really important for young dogs to be comfortable whilst being treated.

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Lydia Critchlow BSc (Hons) MSc, McTimoney Animal Therapist based in Sandbach and practising throughout Cheshire and Staffordshire.
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