Lydia Critchlow BSc (Hons) MSc
McTimoney Animal Therapist
Tel: 07841 828301

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Dogs have extremely flexible spines, and while this allows them to run, jump and curl up tightly in their beds, it also makes the spine susceptible to injury.

There are many ways dogs can ‘tell us’ they are not comfortable or happy and some of these include:
  • Being obviously or subtly lame.
  • Not sitting straight and square.
  • Reluctant to exercise
  • Temperamental changes.

Some signs that Agility dogs may show include:
  • Measuring agility jumps.
  • Crouching or not sitting at start line.
  • Taking the turns more slowly or wider than usual.
  • Reluctant to come down to the contacts.
  • Not weaving as they used to (loosing impulsion, popping out of weaves or being slower in the weaves than usual).

Some signs that Obedience dogs may show include:
  • Not sitting square on the present.
  • Not holding the dumbbell as they used to.
  • Breaking stays.
  • Not maintaining heel work position.

If you are worried at all and suspect any of these.. then a McTimoney check up with me could help. Most dogs benefit from a maintenance check-up every year (see my
MOT Clinics), and also after an injury or a period of lameness. McTimoney treatment is also highly recommended after operations as the dogs are sometimes placed into abnormal positions during surgery.
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Lydia Critchlow BSc (Hons) MSc, McTimoney Animal Therapist based in Sandbach and practising throughout Cheshire and Staffordshire.
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